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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comprehensive Management Resource Information System (CMRIS) Client Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Objective To provide FAA Headquarters, Service Areas, Regions, Directorates, and Field Offices & Facilities the capability to manage and administer technical workforce trainingand personnel certificationprograms, and to identify and distribute training quota. Functions * Determine & Plan training requirements for Air Traffic Organization (ATO) and Avaiation Safety (AVS) personnel.* Track training certifications of all technical workforce* Manage the annual 'Call for Training' process, including support for Annual Programming conference.* Automate the manual processes and bring down the business process cycle time Modules The Requirements Identification Tool (RIT) :identifies prioritized training requirements and generates reports Quota Management Tool (QMT):manages quota distribution and tracks its utilization The Certification Tracking System (CTS):is a national database for Technical Operations personnel certification records The Call and Programming Conference Support System (CPS) :supports an annual review of the training requests that have been submitted for a given fiscal year by field technical workforce organizations and provides an automated means to make budget decisions on the types and priority of training needed to be conducted, number of classes and quota needed,and training schedules required for the fiscal year User Management Tool (UMT) :is a standalone application used by the CMRIS Application Support Desk to manage user access to the CMRIS application and its associated modules. Objectstream * Manages the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) of the system, including Help desk support* Provides consolidated recommendations of Feature and Backend upgrades in line with Business Objective* Follows SCRUM Based Agile development methodology to deliver business value in each sprint Work In Progress! Work In Progress!
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