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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leonardo Giannini Duinstraat 87 2584 AWDen Haag+31(0)643.022.919 Italian 09.11.1981 M Reach something in your youth that restored by the damage of your old age. And if you mean the old age have food as wisdom, make sure that in your youth, for this "old age" dont miss the food.Leonardo Da VinciAcquista cosa nella tua gioventù, che ristori il danno della tua vecchiezza. E se tu intendi la vecchiezza aver per suo cibo la sapienza, adoprati in tal modo in gioventù, che a tal vecchiezza non manchi il nutrimento.Leonardo Da Vinci Hi,I come from Italy and I was "born" on Internet in 1996 while in Italy we used to surf the web with 56K modem. For over ten years I worked hard and I couldn't stay too far from my Computer and the coming of the internet.The hard work in these years has improved my English and Spanish.I have also improved my "customer care" that way;for example, in my last work in Italy, I published in real timephotos during processing on flickr while he was away from his property.Now I live in Netherlands where I can improve my English, learning Dutch and get stronger my IT and commercial skills.To conclude:. I have Job requirements (see my CV). . I have an excellent relationship building skills thanks my last job.. I'm tireless, active and curios.. I'm "Customer oriented"...;)So I'm ready to start!Best regardsLeonardo Giannini Cover letter Leonardo Giannini
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