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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Minnie LimLim Zhao ZhengNurazirah Bte AzizDOPT/2B/01 OXYSEPT double click to change this header text! BEFORE PUTTING ON LENSES1) Always wash, rinse and dry hands with a lint-free towel before handling lenses.2) NEUTRALIZE lenses (ADD tablet) before putting it on.3) CHECK the tablet has been fully dissolved (NO BUBBLES) (If the tablet has not dissolved fully, repeat the disinfection and neutralization stages.)4) NEVER RINSE LENSES with Oxysept Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Solution before putting on! 5) DO NOT allows solution come in contact with eyes! (Flush your eyes with water and REMOVE lenses IMMEDIATELY! Seek help from professional assistance. 6) After reapplying your lenses, always Empty the Oxysept® Cup, rinse with sterile saline solution, and allow to Air Dry.AFTER REMOVAL OF LENSES1) DO NOT REUSE SOLUTION!2) DO NOT USE WITH OTHER FLUID EXCEPT AS DIRECTED!3) DO NOT USE EXPIED SOLUTIONS! (Discard 60 days after opening the bottle)4) DO NOT use Discoloured (not molten pink or greyish purple), Crushed, Broken, Chipped or the Blister card appears to be damaged!5) ADD Hydrogen Peroxide Neutralizing Tablet with Oxysept Disinfecting solution AT THE SAME TIME! (For complete cleaning processes) WHY USE OXYSEPT? SUPERIOR DISFINFECTING SYSTEM RETAIN MOIST TO ENHANCED COMFORT NO PRESERVATIVE IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE EYE EASY STEPS TO USE: 1. Place soft hydrophilic contact lenses in the lenses case.2. Add Oxysept Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection Solution to the mark line.3. Place one tablet of Hydrogen Peroxide Neutralizing Tablet into the lens case containing the solution. Immediately tighten the cap and replace the lens holder in the lens case. 4. Gently turn the lens case upside down, 3 times to wet the upper surfaces and the inside of the lens case. 5. Allow the lens to soak for a minimum of 6 hours to overnight. Ensure the tablet is pink.6. Turn the lens case upside down for 5 seconds then return it to the upright position prior to opening the lens case.7. Wash lenses with saline solution before insertion into the eyes. 8. Rinse the entire lens case assembly thoroughly with saline solution, DO NOT use soap or detergent, allow to air dry. DOs & DON'Ts
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