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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 9 Reasons Why The Youth Should Go To Church It stated in Luke 14:6 "Jesus went back to Nazareth, where he'd been brought up and as usual he went to the meeting place on the Sabbath." and Jesus would always say "Observe the Sabbath by keeping it holy." Sunday is the only day the Lord asks us to give some time for him only 1 hour out of 7 days in a week we should also give him time to worship with him and glorify him. We cannot call ourselves followers of Christ if we ourselves don't do what Christ does therefore keeping the Sabbath day Holy which is Sunday is fulfilling our duty to following Christ. As followers of Christ,we should also do Christ does and that's by going to mass because we show that we are able to follow what Christ's ask us to do despite all the things we go through every week in life and we also show him that we give him time. We commemorate Christ's sacrifice for us because during the last supper Christ has done the ultimate sacrifice for mankind by turning the bread and wine into his own blood and body. (This process is called transubstantiation). Through Holy Communion we are able to receive Christ himself because the bread and wine was already turned into Christ himself before communion,we are able to feed our soul just like how we feed our body physically with food our spirit also needs this nourishment for spiritual growth and also communion means "common" and "unity" with this we are all called to share in communion with our brothers and sisters We worship God through mass We set a good example to other people We can hear God's word We become united with our brothers and sisters We fulfill our Christian duty to attend mass We can hear God's wordWe become united with our brothers and sistersWe fulfill our Christian duty to attend massWe see life in a different way when we attend mass
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