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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We are the Church The Church goesbeyond authorityfigures like priests,bishops, and popes. We, the Church, are the ones tasked by Jesus to continue his ministry here on Earth. Unlocking the Faith: A Modern Understanding We, as the Church arecalled to share in the three-foldmission of Jesus. Prophetic:Spread theWord of God. Priestly:Pray andworship God. Kingly:Render physicalservice to others. How do you thinkyou can live outthese missions inyour everyday life? Jesus isstill present with us Sacraments arebeing done throughthe Church. These wereoriginally ministered by Jesus. Through thesesacraments, we arenot only re-living Jesus'actions, but we aremaking Him present with us through symbolism. Sacraments are thevisual manifestations ofGod's grace through thesymbolisms being used.(eg: body of Christ -> LastSupper) What do you thinkGod is trying tosymbolically tell youthrough your everydayexperiences? Components of Faith A big part ofour faith is.. well.. faith. For us to trulybe Christian, we need to be able to sincerelyhave and express faith in God. As Christians, we areobliged to develop threecomponents of our faith. The Church isa very old organization founded by Jesus Christ Himself. Being Christian was illegalat some point in the middleages. But despite laws,Christianity justgrew stronger.The faith continued to spread. And as of the year 2014, thereare: 2.01 BillionChristians Believing in God. Doing God's will. Entrustingourselves to God. How do you thinkyou can improve interms of faith? Howcan you concretelyexpress the componentsof faith?
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