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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSES DISABILITY AND EXCHANGE Alcohol and Drug Information ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACQUISUITION STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE ACADEMIC WORKLIFE MISSING CHILDREN ABUSE IN LATER LIFE WHAT WORKS EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES FAMILIES AND YOUTH TOP 10 A clearinghouse can be described as an agency that distributes information and statistics for the reasons of either promoting awareness of a problem or to help others find a solution to the problem.Below is a list of various clearinghouses in America that take top priority. Clearinghouses Each of the 50 states has a missing childrens clearinghouse and this overarching national clearinghouse acts as a liason for them and hosts resources for professionals andfamilies of the children. This data base provides resources for over 167 school facilities topics including subject specific resource lists about school subjects, and links to journal articles that cover topics such as creating a green school and how to utilize classroom space. This clearinghouse has the goal to provide educators with the solutionsas to what will help make theirclassrooms a more effective learningenvironment. They report to the U.S, Department of education and so their information is reliable. This clearinghouse advocates for education so that the baby boomers are not put into positions in which they become victims of safety, abuse, suffering, and health problems. This clearing house focusees on the emotional well being along with the social interactions that youth have with their families.Publications are providedso that youth can be encouraged and guided thorugh out their adolecsnt lives both in and out of school. This clearinghouse provides data and demographics for those involved in language programs along with the grants that are availableand what successful practicesthere are for professionals. This clearinghouse serves as a verification service for public and private intitutions This clearinghouse is for those who are involved inhigher education and the workforce that involves it.It provides students and faculties within a college about the kinds of workforce that they will be expected to work within. Other career benefits, challenges and work and life balancing are addressed in their resources. This clearhouse aims to increase disability inclusion in international exchange. They advocate to provide people with the resources to make them aware of thesteps that can be taken to include people with disabilities in every day tasks. Created by: Amanda Thompson This clearing house is dedicated to providing the statistics about how drugs and alcohol effect people and they provide health communication materials and resources.
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