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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network Community Relations To provide workshops and training opporunities to strengthenlocal organizations. Giving support through providing a central place to post volunteer and job needs, and advertise upcoming events. To make opportunities to network with other nonprofits CKNN double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. 540 charities and nonprofits in Chatham-Kent Capacity Building To help build strongrelationships between the nonprofit sector,private sector and the local government Educating and working with youth about career and volunteer opportunities in the nonprofitsector. Co-facilitating educational events with students in the Nonprofit Specialist High Skills Major Program There are over CKNN is one of three $50 billion 3 regional nonprofit networks in Ontario The Ontario nonprofit sector generates in economic impactto the province The Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network will work together withour local nonprofit sector to be a voice to the hundreds of nonprofit organizations who strive daily to improve the quality oflife of Chatham-Kent residents. By identifying data and resource needs both within and outside of the sector, the CKNN will be ableto inform the community of the work of local nonprofits and strengthen their capacity to serve. In Ontario there are full-time employees in the nonprofit Education 530,615 428,063 and double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Contact Kim Broadbent, Project Co-Ordinatorby e-mail at or 519-354-0430 A community building initiative by - Ontario Nonprofit Network - Ontario Nonprofit Network part-time sector
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