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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hassan Hassanp.7The journal of C.J JacksonWilliam Durbin 2002 Prices 1930 NowMilk 20 cents $3.49Butter 18 cents $2.69Meat 22 cents $4.05Bread 8 cents $1.83 Population1930:6.62 millionNow:11.57 million Did you know1.Dust bowl created Dirt clouds that churned 20,000 feet into the air and created a thousand-mile-wide duster.2.Dust bowl caused winds that went up to 100mph.3. Cj and his family are dust bowl migrants 4.The Jackson family moved to California 5.Their farm was destroyed due to the dust bowl. Theme:The theme of the book is eventhough you move or change you will still have something or someone. The setting of the book is southwestern USA.The book goes by days,weeks,years. After living in the Dust Bowl for years, C.J.'s family has decided to abandon their beloved farm and head west to find work in California. In his journal he writes about the discrimination, disappointment and hardship that his family and the other 'Oakies' endure-- both on the journey and once they reach California. Yet despite the hardships, he remains hopeful for a better life for himself and his family CJ- Thirteen year old boy records in a journal the conditions of the Dust Bowl that cause the Jackson family to leave their farm in Oklahoma and make the difficult journey to California, where they find a harsh life as migrant workers. In the early 1930s under the auspices of the WPA, Cleveland adopted a regional traffic plan including the construction of a six mile lakefront highway connecting Gordon Park on the east side with West Boulevard at Edgewater Park on the west side. The six-mile route was intended to relieve city streets of cross-town and through traffic. The Main Avenue Bridge, funded by the WPA, was a ten-span, continuous cantilever truss, fixed high-level bridge 2,520 feet in length. The span length ranged from 200 to 400 feet.
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