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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 7 The world is calling us to help our animal friends! One-third of turtle species have reached dangerously lownumbers due to road collisions. HOW MUCH WILDLIFE? 150 BILLION + ANIMALS PER YEAR Each blockrepresents500 deers that are hitby cars inConnecticut Over 150 billion animals are killed each year for food on farms alone! Imagine how many are killed in the wild! ............ out of .............Car crashes involve wildlifebeing injured! DEATH TOLL... "Wild wings, Wild legs, Wild life" Our goal is to saveinjured animals everyday, onewing, paw, and leg at a time. Connecticut Injured Wildlife Rescue Team Questions?Comments?Contact us! Thousands of birds each year are injured by slamming into glass doors and windows Insert LogoHere The Problem: Our Solution: (Solution statement) Our Problem is that there are multiple wild animals gettinghurt by human interference. Such as, getting hit by motorvehicles, birds flying into our house windows and doors,pesticide poisoning, and many other human intrusions impactingthier habitats. A car collision with wildlife happens every 39minutes! generally speaking 1 out 7 car crashes involves wildlife.Many people don't know how to properly care for a wild and injuredcreature that they come across in Connecticut and they don't haveany or much knowledge about where they can report or get into contact with rehabilitators, vets, and wildlife experts nearest to them. Additionally, they aren't well informed about the diseases and parasitescertain animals may carry which are risks to human health.
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