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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CAUSES OF THE CIVIL WAR Mexican War After it was fought, many people wanted to know if the new land would be free or slave. When it became slave, many people were unhappy causing tension between free and slave states Missouri Compromise heightened slavery debate, because Americans had to argue over which territories were free and which were slave States rights The states were arguing over if the federal government had the right to ban slavery or not Abolitionists helped expand anti-slavery and scared the south The difference between the North and South's economies The north was against slavery while the south was pro-slavery which caused controversy on if Americans should keep slaves or not Dred Scott The decision to not free him overturned the Missouri compromise, angering free states John Brown started a slave rebellion,making the south fear their worst fears, causing to defend slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin Spread for the first time how cruel slavery really was helping the support of anti-slavery. Election of Abraham lincoln He became president, even though the south never voted for him since they thought he was anti-slavery and would abolish it which angered them Secession Made free states worried and mad because they wanted to preserve the union ,so people wanted to defend the union with violence since the slave states created a confederacy Bleeding Kansas Basically, the start of the civil war. A fight between free and slave states when they invaded to vote. Battle of Fort Sumter since Northerners were being supplied on southern territory, this provoked the south to attack out of pride, starting the war Battle of Fort Sumter
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