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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DAY 1 double click to change this header text! Part 1: Maximise the Effectiveness of your IT Security DAY 2 Part 2: Disruptive Trends & the Security Challenge" Part 3: Certificates, Standards & Regulations" Gaining situational awareness FOUNDATION CLOUD MOBILE, SOCIAL, & BIG DATA STANDARDS, CERTIFICATIONS & REGULATIONS Communicating to Exec Management, Board of Directors & Audit Committee Risk Management Framework Assess & Monitor using GRC Risk, security & controlgoing to an outsourcing plan Cloud brokerage & BYOE Organizational risk awareness Integrate into riskmanagement structure Negotiating SLA Key cloud metrics BYOC Introducing tools Organizational and informationssecurity integration measures Analysing change management How to handle incidents Reducing & controlling access Establish the worry list Top-down or bottom-up? Finding & fixingIT control issues Streaming controls forregulatory compliance Integration intointernal audit Integration intoproject management Integration into DLC Integration intorelease management Creating the organisational action plan Financial approaches torationalizing investment Creating security integration measures Crafting an individualKPI benchmark table Visualising the continuous improvement DAY 4 Status of the cloud DAY 3 BP impact on security & controls Build KPIs with 3rd partyimpact through your SLA Mobile, social & big data awareness Identifying critical areas Security-as-a-service Identifying CSP's resources& security relations through SLA TCO methodology DAY 5 Mobile, social & big data risk evaluation Find & fix IT control issues Reduce & control access Organizational & securityintegration measures KPIs with 3rd party impact Why know and understand? What are SRCc & why they are important Terms & definitions PCI-DSS
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