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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE CLOUD,MOBILESOCIAL & BIG DATA FOUNDATION STANDARDS,CERTIFICATION AND REGULATIONS DAY 1,2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 > Attain a greater situation awareness of yourbusiness and then align IT security measures withyour business priorities > Integrate IT security processes and personnel with: - Internal audit - Project Management - Development life-cycle - Release Management - Change Management - Metrics & KPI> Implement and execute a security plan and maintainsecurity operations> Determine the critical KPIs that you need to measure > Assessing the impact of disruptive technologies anddealing with the implications> Understanding and dealing with the risk managementissues and challenges of these disruptive technologies> Analysing a cloud or managed service provider SLAand negotiating appropriate terms and conditions> Effective transition methodologies that can help yourmove from in house IT to outsourced> Learning to manage cloud operations using establishedcloud metrics > The major IT standards and certifications availableand their implications for securing your organization.Which ones are right for you?> Understand what GRC tools are available to give youa better understanding on how to implement andachieve these standards and certifications> Work through actual case studies and critical successfactors necessary for implementing these standards> What is the cost and implication to your organizationfor using or not using these standards?> What is the regulatory environment related to DataSovereignty in Asia - a country by country analysis PART 1:MAXIMISE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR IT SECURITY KEY TAKE-AWAYS PART 2:DISRUPTIVE TRENDS & THE SECURITY CHALLENGE KEY TAKE-AWAYS PART 3:CERTIFICATION, STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS KEY TAKE-AWAYS
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