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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Emancipation Education Family Responsibility Laws Medical Care Support Paternity double click to change this title text! Parental Responsibilities and Child Abuse Care and Supervision Discipline Parental Responsibility for Children's Acts Earnings and Employment Child Abuse and Neglect sexual Abuse Child Abuse Child Neglect Both Parents must be able to support their child. Even if the father doesn't live with his child, he must pay child support.The mother may bring a paternity suit to find the father Parents must provide the basic necessities of life.Ex food, clothing, shelter, education Emancipation is when the parentslose custody of their child.In most states this occurs at age 18 Most states don't require Adult Children to take care of their elderly parents Parents have legal duty to protectand supervise their children's health All children have the legal right to go to school through the 12th grade. Parents have the rightto supervise their childand the child also hasto obey their parents Parents can do whats best for their kids as long as they don't abuse them.There is no requirements for theamout of time parents need to bewith their kids. Parents are allowed to take the earningthat their child makes. Howeverit is illegal for parentsto use their child's money. Parents who don't use proper supervision, may be responciblefor the child's acts. Failure to feed, cloth, or shelter, educate, supervise, or tend the medical needs of a child Occurs when a parent or olderchild inflicts intentional physical,emotional or sexual harm on achild Is using a child in pornography,making a child view pornography,or sexual fondling of a child Connor Albright Period-6
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