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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Benefits of exchanging ideas on forums Can find forum on any topic or start new one People with expert knowledge will post answers People who have experienced same problem will post practical solutions how they solved it Information is up to date (can see date of posting) You are anonymous so less chance of discrimination (racial/sexual/disable)Drawbacks of exchanging ideas on forums Information may be inaccurate / misleading Information may be from parties with other reasons such as retailers suggesting their product Information may be biased / not truthful Chat Rooms /Forums CHAT ROOMS!! Drawbacks of making new friends in chat rooms People may not be telling the truth and difficult to detect with no face to face contact People may not be who they say they are May come into contact with people trying to sell illegal material drugs/weapons/pornography/paedophiles Lack of 'real' social contact may lead to losing social skills RSI / posture/ eye problems or obesity from prolonged computer useChildren could become victims of cyber bullying Benefit of making new friends in chat rooms Other children may have answers to questions Other children may know 'good sites' to find information Can meet people from all over the world On-line teachers available to answer questions Talk to many people at the same time Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week Forums
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