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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 July 1863 July 1861 July 1861 October 1861 January 1862 June 1862 June 1867 June1861 Naive Charley thought nothing of joining war, he thought it would be fun, and a quick way to earn money. The bull run was Charley's first battle,and he was not ready for what he was going to see, he saw colleges die and physically sick and scared from what he saw. The Bull Run Fighting again in the 3rd battle was easier, but Charley was scared, but unshaken from what he saw this time in battle. Unshaken Disgusted Charley will never sit the same after seeing the battle, but Charley is now knowing that battle wasn't what he was expecting, instead its gruesome, and will make him sick at any moment. He's also second guessing wanting to be in the war Charley fights Again The winter is cold and the men are running out of food and have to trade with people. Charley trades with a Reb from across the river, but the Reb got caught and was killed, and now Charley is alone once again. Winter Fighting in Gettysburg for Chaley was not scary, it anything he felt safe from where he was, but Charley knew he fought good, because he fought till he was struck whith a bullet. Gettysburg Charley is heavily wounded mentaly and physically. He thinks he is too old for a normal life now, and he is probably right, he has seen, heared, and felt too much. He constantly ponders if he should be with his friends in heaven, but hes hear for now. Alive In Charley's second battle, something comes over him and he needs to kill all the Rebs, and he has to kill them before they can him. His emotions go cold, all he is is mad and takes it out in the battle. Signing up for War *resources Charley Timeline Kyla Schwager
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