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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Celebrating 30 years of serving health centers in Region VIII, advancing clinical quality via MPCN, meeting educational and networking needs, providing workforce development activities, and supporting expanded access to care. State Primary Care Association (SPCA) members Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year The first dot-com is registered "We Are the World" is recorded by supergroup USA for Africa In 1985... CHAMPS Turns Thirty CHAMPS Fast Facts and 26% urban Employ 6,139 FTE staff, including: 205 mental health clinicians Serve 825,405 patients: 41% are uninsured58% are at or below 100% FPL23% are best served in a language other than English are 74% rural Community HealthAssociation of Mountain/Plains States is formed Anderson (ND), Lil Anderson (MT), Jerry Brasher (CO), John Mengenhausen (SD), DonnaOlsen-Arbab (UT), Joe Stolns(WY), and Alan Strange (MT) 666 nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified nurse-midwives 738 enabling services staff A movie ticket cost $2.75 Region VIII Health Centers Founded in 1985 193 5 354 physicians 140 dentists CHAMPS Milestones by Carla individual members organizational member 54 health centers 1990 Mountain/Plains Clinical Network founded 1997 CHAMPS launched firstversion of website First CHAMPS/NWRPCAAnnual Fall Conference 2003 CHAMPS Workforce Development Program is founded 2004 First CHAMPS webcastis broadcasted live 2005 Over 4,000 attendees at CHAMPS online events 2012 CHAMPS website receives100,000 hits in one month 2014 First Region VIII Salary Survey Report released Region VIII health center data from 2013 UDS Reports
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