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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 English 100.............................................................. Performer Audience The Paper(the show) Time management both are what make the show be great without both the show doesn't go on STARTHERE Make it fun and important to you and also for your audience because you are the performer of this show Welcome and I hope you all enjoy and have great things in mind to explore and learn!!! Stand out Sign: You are the performer of this paper. This paper should FLOW.Be prepared to take it slow to include all details that the audience might think you have left out.Take your time no performer is best overnight but with time your performance will really stand tall and show it all off to the crowd. The audience is listening TO you You make the story that they remember. You make the paper they are your purpose.They're who you propose your arguments to.They dictate the information in the paper.This paper depends on them.NEVER NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE for they are your purpose of writing. The show will be great if you don't freezeKnow your audience at all times and you will be fine. Take on english 100 as a pen you already know how to hold and what time you need to hold it to get those papers in.Time is everything because it is key to all possibilities.So you don't want to waste time or waste time doing nothing.Be mindful that time waits on no one so being late for assignments aren't the way to go a student who cares and went through english 100 herself you all P.s Enjoy and value your time spent in English 100 Show your audience there is no one like youBe createful in all that ou performGive your all in all what you do for not only the papers but the classBe your self and stand out to your abilities
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