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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONVERSATION GUIDELINE FOR FACILITATORS 1. Introduce yourself (what do you do, likes and dislikes).2. Interesting places to visit in the city and where they are located.3. Best cities to see in your country and why.4. Find a common TV show and talk about the appearance of the main characters.5. Talk about what your best friend is like (both appearance and personality).6. Talk about the weather (In your home country and here).7. Food and drinks! Traditional food, favorite food, weird food (here we eat ants! Really!).8. Plans for the weekend.9. Free time.10. What did you do today? How did you spent your last vacation?11. My dream house.Game 1: I went to the market and bought: The first person starts saying I went to the market and bought……. The second person has to say the same sentence including the item mentioned before and a new one. The third one must repeat the two items mentioned before and a new one and so on and so onGame 2: Guess who am I? Pick a famous character, and let the people ask you questions that you can only answer yes or no to. Each person takes a turn to ask you a questions. The one who guesses the character wins a free beer ;) BASIC LEVELHi! Thank you for collaborating with us at this Free Language Exchange, we really appreciate it.We hope youll have fun listening to and sharing stories. Here is a list of topics that may helpyou guide the conversation at your table, just talk about what its like back home and what its likehere in Colombia. Feel free to use it!
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