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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Center for Community Partnerships (CFCP) Promoting civic engagement through scholarship, learning, and service. What is CFCP? CFCP works closely with other organizations, on and off campus,to create a continuum of engaged scholarship, learning and serviceopportunities for students and faculty at Emory. We connect classrooms with communities through a variety of service-learning opportunities for students, staff, and faculty - from tutoring elementary school children in reading and math to conducting research that supports major community-building initiatives. Engaged Learning Courses Each semester, the CFCP publishes the Roadmap to Community Service, which highlights the service-learning courses offered at Emory. Community-focused courses are offered across many departments and academic disciplines at Emory, and will provide students with both hands-on learning experiences, as well as the theoretical backgroundnecessary to learn effective community benefiting practices. Community Building and Social Change This fellowship introduces 16 Emory undergrads to the challenges of and opportunities for building community in contemporary urban America.Through academic coursework, an intensive, paid 12-week internship summer field experience, site visits, small group meetings, and public presentations, CBSC Fellows have opportunities to see firsthand the critical role that collaboration plays in the resolution of important public issues. They can also hone the skills needed to transform their passion for social justice into meaningful actions that revitalize communities and promote positive and lasting social change. Project SHINE Graduation Generation Project SHINE is a service-learning initiative that links Emory students with the greater Atlanta community's new Americans-immigrants and refugees studying English, enrolled in school, or preparing for U.S. citizenship. SHINE volunteers serve as tutors or teaching assistants in English as a Second Language (ESL) classrooms, after-school programs, and citizenship preparation courses in community centers, refugee agencies, and other educational initiatives. "Grad Gen" is a cross-sector, multifaceted initiative that focuses on what happens in school and in the community. The program recognizes that a range of factors impact a child's well-being and academic achievement- factors such as housing quality and affordability, safety and crime, availability of affordable and nutritious food, environment toxins and access to health care, and participation in physical activities. SPAN The Sustainable Partnerships for Atlanta Neighborhoods project focuses on engaging students with environmental issues in the community throughout their Emory experience, starting with volunteer service as soon as they arrive on campus, integrating community-benefiting activities throughout their coursework, and culminating with original scholarly research that directly addresses local issues. Get Involved! Contact CFCP to learn more about how to engage with the greater Atlanta area.Phone: (404)712-9893Email: On-Campus Office: Few Hall, Room 128Off-Campus Office: 750 Commerce Drive Suite 400Decatur, GA 30030
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