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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CELLPHONES AFFECT OUR ENVIRONMENT HOW We have been using cellphones for over a decade now. And we have easily let them taken over our lives.But a lot of the time, It's not even for a really important reason. Yes your Iphone can be handy, but most people, especially kids, are using it for more... "Distracting" reasons. Like social media and apps. double click to change this header text! So whilst we're tapping away on our little phones and Ipods, we tend to forget just how much of an impact these little devices have on the space around us. For example; when we throw out our cell phones. With millions of people having cell phones, we go throughquite a lot, even though we're not supposed to. Cell phones are composed of a lot of toxic chemicals and substances, like mercury, lead, zinc and arsenic that can be harmful to the environment if they seep into the earth's soil or nearby water supply.Cellphones are also made with various oils, and you canimagine how horrible that would be to animals living inwater-based environments if it were to spill (they'd die). x DEAD FUN FACT: Mobile phones have 18 TIMES more bacteria than toilet handles! Ew! It seems like cellphones have many ways of affecting us, as in humans AND earth. Socially, cellphones have one of the biggest impacts. People are almost constantly attached to their phones, ignoring the space around them. Results show that the average teenager sends about 3993 texts per month. Crazy! Check yourself! Next time you're bored, take a walk outside, maybe take a bus, and see how many people are looking down at their cellphones instead of the world around them. But cellphones aren't entirely bad, of course. I mean, there has to be a logical, deep philosophical meaning as to why these cellular devices are so appealing, right? ... Well, maybe not one I can explain right now, but they can be helpful! Cellphones can be useful for emergencies. Having 911 on speed dial is always handy in case of fires, burglaries, accidents, or really anything that makes you doubt your physical well-being. Not to mention how well they are favoringcompanies economically! Apple itself makes about 46.3 billion dollarsa year! And, like I mentioned before, this business should proceed tobe so successful, if people keep on throwing out their old phones andbuying new ones! Cellphones are used by almost EVERYONE around the world! And although most of us are aware of how much cellphones affect us, we haven't really done much to stop or avoid the cons. Maybe it's because we REALLY want to have cellphones. Now, there are a couple companies who have made "Green Cellphones", basically mobile devices that are made %50 from recycled things, and minus the fossil fuel. They have estimated that around 400 million people will start using these devices by 2017, but we never can be too sure. I think, in all honesty, we'll have to learn how to use these devices properly and eco-friendly, or give them up all together. Which would, for lack of better term, kinda suck... Just another problem the past generation has offered to us to deal with! A solution to this problem, is to contact a recycling program for cellphones!
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