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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Education Requirements Teacher Avg. Work Day Majors with this job Student Organizations Salary 2011-12 National Average StartingTeacher Salary: $35,672$58,260 annually for secondary school teacher Most aspiring high school teachers enroll in a bachelor's degree program in education and concentrate or minor in the subject they wish to teach.Some states require secondary school teachers to earn a master's degree. Internship experience is also usually necessary. Classes They take courses in education development and instruction, in addition to courses in their chosen subject. Some classes that are offered at UNI includeLevels 1-4, Dynamics of Human Development,Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts, and Classroom Assessment. Teaches 8 hours per day, arrives early or stays late by about an hour, and spends 3-5 hours daily planning, grading, communicating with parents, attending meetings, etc. Major in Child DevelopmentMajor in Child StudiesMajor in Elementary EducationMajor in Secondary EducationMajor in Special Education Additional Requirements Council of Teachers of English, Health Science Club, History Club, Physical Education Club, Student Art Education Association, Teaching Educators About Mathematics This career deals works mainly with People since teaching are educating students all day. This career falls under more than one category because of the different subjects of education; they include Artistic, Enterprising, and Social. Job shadow or do student teaching at any elementary/middle/high school in the Cedar Valley area.
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