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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Core Connections CONNECT TO THE CORE This video subscription series focuses on all aspects of communication. It enriches participants communication skills and targets how to reachcommunication excellence. Each video is seven to 15 minutes and will challenge participants to think differently about their daily communication and how to prepare for important life moments. The following are sample topics from the Core Connection videos: Learn how to close more business By subscribing to Core Connections you will: Learn language that makes people take the action you want Enhance delivery techniques in your presentation Gain a arsenal of tips and tools for future communication Gain confidencefor presentations &important meetings One of the biggest mistakes made by presenters and sales people, whetherinexperienced or seasoned is the lack of a "call to action" in their meetings and presentations. Fortunately it is one of the easiest mistakes to correct. In this CoreConnection video, Teresa Easler will teach you how to correct the common mistake. Most of us do not realize the power of our words and how by simply changing oneword in a sentence, we can change the tone and meaning for the person listening. Teresa Easler discusses the power of words and, specifically how to avoid Weasel Words in this Core Connection episode. Call To Action MotivatiedMovement WeaselWords Many of us do not think about how important movement can be when we are speaking. It can be a powerful tool, or a powerful deterrent. In this video Teresa Easler demonstrates how motivated movement can be used in the most impactful way. Remember When we are communicating it is our instinct to overload people with information,however the average person is generally overwhelmed with information, arent you?In this Core Connection video we will coach you on how to make sure people remember what you have to say.
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