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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Victor XiaCCSS timeline Between Shades of Gray ANNE FRANK COMPARISON RIDE Chapters 1-4The NKVD arrive.Lina and her family arethrown into a truck. SHOCK CONFUSION LOVE AND PASSION Chapters 40-50Lina is given cigarettes for drawing a picture the NKVD need. Jonas gets sick and is savedby Andrius and a can of tomatoes.Chapters 50-63Lina draws a picture for the commander and is given food. Lina is given a book for Christmas from her boyfriend Andrius. The majority of the prisoners are put on a ship. FEAR HORROR PUT ON A TRAIN thieves and prostitutes 1969 - "The Day the Earth Caughton Fire", a film where earth is thrown out of orbit due to excessive nuclear testing. ice and ashes BEWILDERMENT DEFIANCE FEAR AND SHAME DESPERATION AND SALVATION THE TRAIN UNCERTAINTY OF THE FUTURE A NEW HOPE GRIEF AND ANGER LITERARY TIMELINE Chapters 80-85Jonas gets sick, with nothing but hope to save him.At the last moment, Kretzky,a young guard who informed them of their father's death, informs a doctor, who"liberates" the camp and saves Jonas. Chapters 70-80Lina learns her family was caught helping her cousin'sfamily escape Lithuania.Mother dies of sickness afterbeing informed of their father'sdeath. ALLOWED TO EAT AND BATHE "BETWEEN SHADESOF GRAY" IS BY RUTA SEPETYS double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Chapters 5-6They meet Ona,her baby, and the bald man. They learn their father has been captured as well. Chapters 11-12Lina and Jonas secretly findtheir father and speak to him.Chapters 13-28The train travels to a collectivebeet farm. On the way, Ona's babydies and she is shot. mapsand snakes Chapters 8-10Lina meets Andrius and his mother,Mrs.Arvydras on a cattle car marked"thieves and prostitutes." Chapter 7 Jonas is almost separated from Lina and their mother DEFIANCE Chapter 37-40Lina and her "coworkers" aretold to jump into a hole and are shot at. They still refuse to sign.Lina sees Mrs. Arvydas (Andrius's mother ) working for the NKVD. Andrius explains angrily thatthey threatened to kill him if she didn't agree. Chapters 29-35They find a dirty shack owned by a grouchy woman named Ulyushka. Mother is asked totranslate for the NKVD as a spy.She declines.Chapter 36The prisoners are all asked to sign a document sentencing them to 25 years hard labor.They politely refuse. Chapters 63-70 Steamboats stop in the Arctic Circle at a bleak prison camp where they are forced to build a fish factory and mud houses for themselves The book "Anne Frank has a theme in common with the book "Between Shades of Gray". That theme is"Hardship influences personal change." Looking at the timeline,you can see how Lina's mood changes as the story progresses. For example, Lina's mood changes to defiance as they are pushed by the NKVDto sign the document. In Anne Frank, one place you can find that theme is when, being trapped insidewith no one to confide in, she starts to love a boy she wouldn't have thought of talking to before. Peter Schiff,her childhood love, is gone and replaced by Peter Van Daan. It's a romance of necessity, not choice.In two very different worlds, the theme is the same: Hardship influences personal change.
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