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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 technology Teachers have access to a variety of resources that allow them to integrate technology with their classes.This integration may be done using resources made available by the school as well as resources that students bring to class. connected to the internet teachers and Technology is a very important part of CAS. Creating responsible, digital learners is one of theschool's main objectives. Modeling and exploring the use of phones, laptops, tablets and other ITresources allow students to develop XXI centuryskills and become ethical and responsible learners. Computer Labs The school has two computer labs. Teachers are motivated to use these labs to integrate technologyclasses and bring students in to work in IT related projects. UVG campus has a dedicated 30 Mbps Internet service. This allows the school to be connected 24/7 via Ethernet or Wifi. There are Network Hard Drives that are availablefor storing and other network resources such as printing,file sharing and academic services. Network and Internet Internet Services Subscriptions Through our network, teachers and students have accessto different type of subscriptions. There are two main services: Netflix and Brain Pop. There are also subscriptionsto magazines such as National Geographic, TIME, Discover, Reader's Digest among others. Mimio bars and Projectors Each classroom has a computer, projector and Mimio Barthat enables teachers to have an interactive board whileteaching. Teachers are advised to use these resources to visually enhance their content and explore multiple media. The school has a library with around 20,000 booksand different materials. Students and teachers are able to check out books for periods of two weeks.There are 3 areas that teachers can use with theirstudents and book the spaces as part of their classes. Digital Citizenship The school strongly believes that exposingstudents to technology inside the class provides the perfect context for them to become responsible digital learners. Grading System The school uses Thinkwave as a digitalgradebook. The system allows teachersto keep academic records online and for students and parents to view these records live through the Internet. Teacher Websites Teachers are expected to keep a class website to support students and parents. This website is meant to publish materials such as images,videos, worksheets and any multimediathat may aide students at home. Library Services Google Apps The school uses Google Apps for Education as the main channel to communicate. Throughthe use of Sites, Drive, Calendar and Mailteachers are able to inform students and parentsof class and school activities. The school provides access to Internet, and teachersare encouraged to use the Web to plan and designactivities that involve the use of apps, websites andonline tools that facilitate the learning process. Other tools user: cascommunitypass: cascommunity1 Brain Pop user: cascommunitypass: password EBSCO HOST Login Information email credentials Professional Development Thinkwave email credentials
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