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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It would be a group of local church banding together to for a network in order to: Offer accountability to those asking for help Count on each other for the wellness of the whole Provide support to each other Provide proper resources to those in need of assistance Be equipped to know how to respond to crisis Jesus served in the marginsOnly 20% of churches have a benevolent fundMultiple Biblical texts suggest direct involvement with the poorChurches have a responsiblity to be good stewards Why and How Churches should provide financial assistance Before you get started: Adopt the network benevolent framework Involve your benevolent team in the decision Join together in prayer for the community Features of the Community Assistance Network Celebrate the new relationship 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 What can you do as a member of the network? So, why don't more churches bother tooffer assistance to those on the margins? Because most churches: What is the process of the network? What would it look like if youcould know you were helping people that were honest? To get startedfollow 7 simple steps: Churches are mandated to serve the needy feel they get taken advantage of do not know how to adequately provide for the family feel they need to only take care of their own members do not feel equipped to offer what they truly need want to have top notch financial stewardship Register for an account Log in to Meet with an individual who needs assistance Enter the person's name and birthday View other churches who have helped Check on people asking for assistanceView the other churches who have helpedView how they have helpedAdd notes about the client for othersGive proper follow up careMake referrals to servicesSend Alerts to the communityPost Items that are needed or to offerFind organizations who can serve the personAdd and find valuable community resourcesRespond to other community needsKnow when there is a need in a local schoolConnect with governmental agencies Add how your church has helped them Sources: Web: www.goconnect.orgEmail:
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