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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CANADA'S DEFICIT BUDGET Canada's Economic Goals FULLEMPLOY-MENT ENVIRONM-ENTALSTEWARD-SHIP REDUCEDPUBLICDEBT PRODUCTIVITY + EFFICIENCY ECONOMIC GROWTH WE ARE WORKING TOWARDS THE SUCCESS OF CANADA'S FUTURE NOW! CANADA'S FUTURE CANADA'S PAST ACHIEVEMENT OF SUCCESS HOW? Returning to a Balanced Budget - All Consumer Demands are met.- All employability demands are met.- Stable government, economy and environment. - No Consumer Demands are met.- No employability demands are met.- Unstable government, economy and environment. How are we even capable of that? THE ECONOMIC GROWTH OF CANADA Tax Treaties Lower Tax Increase in Fiscal & Monetary Policies (Expansionary Fiscal Policy) in taxation in spending TariffsDecrease in price at customs Who is affected from this change? InvestorsForeign TradersBusinessesConsumers Tax Information Exchange Increase Tax Evasion Security Beyond the Border Action Plan Underground EconomyGDP is not recorded Economic Indicators GDP is understated Who is affected from this change? Tax EvadersConsumersLaw & Enforcement Agricultural Flexibility Fund Expand Marketing Opportunities SubsidiesIncrease in Supply Raw Materials > Goods + Services Who is affected from this change? FarmersConsumersInvestorsTrading Companies FULL EMPLOYMENT IN CANADA Federal Student Assistance Increase in Increase in Elimination of Owned Vehicles in Student Loan Program Intangible Resources Knowledge StudentsInsurance CompaniesBanks Who is affected from this change? High Skilled WorkersLow Skilled Workers Interest Rates Injections Government Spending Injections Government Spending Youth Employment Strategy $330M Training & Experience $500M Canada Job Grant Up to $15,000 Training Access to Unemployment in Unemployment Rate Employment in Employment Rate High Skilled WorkersLow Skilled Workers TeenagersYoung AdultsEmployersStudentsImmigrantsNon-Skilled WorkersUneducated WorkersBusinesses Who is affected from this change? InjectionsGovernment Spending Intangible Resources Knowledge Change in DemandIncrease in Income REDUCUED PUBLIC DEBT IN CANADA Red Tape Reduction Plan Decrease in fees for small Monopolistic Market Structure Less Barriers Small Business OwnersEmployersInvestors Who is affected from this change? Tariff Relief Manufacturing Inputs Machinery Equipment $410M IN CANDIAN BUSINESSES SAVINGS Up to 12,000 New Jobs Over Time Raw Materials & Natural Resources Change in SupplyDecrease in Input Prices Employment in Employment Rate Who is affected from this change? Employers, Investors, Businesses, Foreign Traders, Consumers, Employees, Unemployed Workers Public & Private Business Owners PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY IN CANADA Automotive Innovation Fund $500M Technological Advancement in Canada First Research Excellence $1.5B Canada's International Education Strategy Intangible Labour Knowledge Effective & Efficency Choices of Manufacturing Sustainable DevelopmentEfficient Methods of Development InjectionsGovernment Spending Who is affected from this change? StudentsEmployersEducated ImmigrantsBusinesses Sustainable Development Technology Canada Investing in Business Growth & Productivity Who is affected from this change? BusinessesInvestorsConsumersEmployers Effective & Efficient Choicesof Manufacturing Moving beyond the frontier Upgrading Machinery, Sustainable Development Sustainable Future ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP IN CANADA Recovery Period Expansionary Fiscal Policy Earth Rangers Foundation $3M Climate Change Adaptation $148.8M Sustainable DevelopmentEfficient Methods of Waste Reduction ScarcityAbusing Access to Resources Environmental DegradationThe destruction of the Ecosystem Who is affected from this change? Clean Energy Fund $795M Clean Air Regulatory Agenda $600.8M ecoEnergy Innovation Initiatives Clean & Efficient Technology Effective & Efficient Technology ScarcityEfficient Use of Resources Sustainable Development Convserving Energy Who is affected from this change? BusinessesInvestorsConsumersFossil-Fuel Reliant Companies Recovery Period Increase in Jobs and GDP KEEPS BusinessesCitizensAnimalsPolluting Companies Sashivan Kanagalingam
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