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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Anjaly Nagarajan C2- First Semester Strengths Weaknesses General Learning Style Math Learning Style Social Learning Style Subject Strengths Work Values Skills/ Aptitudes Holland Code Dream Cluster Pathway Job *Participating*Practicing*Preparing*Perfecting *Organizational Skills -Keeping notes in correct order -Notes are up-to date -Write down assignments *Math, Science and Spanish - I'm able to remember things - Apply what I know in everyday life * Change/ Impact on society* Being paid a lot* Feeling important and recognized *Helping Others*Leader* Not worrying about losing my job *Learn with others - Enjoy woring in groups - Listen to others opinions - Group discussions help me retain information - Would benefit from working with at least one other student *Learning by reading - Pick up information by seeing or reading - I should take notes and read a variety of texts to learn more *Learning through seeing problems. - Write problems down - Do worksheets - Take problems step by step 1:Working with Numbers2: Problem Solving3: Public Speaking and Interactions 1: Enterprising- Marketing and selling ideas, and products2: Conventional- Following rulesand working within them3: Social- Helping others andworking with people Business, Management, and Administration: Leaders who plan,organize, direct and evaluate to create a productive buisness General Management Pathway: People who supervise, maintain equipment, organize productionand use marketing functions toensure success. CEO: Highest level ofmanagement. Ensures the company makes money and is in charge of future decisions Solves problems and helps run the company
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