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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 General Learning Style: Learn by reading-Helps to see words written-I use/remember more information when I read itMath Learning Style: Seeing problems-Helps to see problems written-Books, worksheets, and workbooks are beneficialSocial Learning Style: Learning with Others-Value others ideas-Helps to learn better by studying with others Holland code: -artistic (creativity and self expression) -social (helping/ working with others) -conventional (working within set rules) Subject Strengths:-English/Reading-Math-ArtWork Values:-being paid a lot-helping others-being creative*(most important)*-Not having to worry about losing my job -Original dream job: Primary Care Physician; this is no longer a dream job-Something I will research next semester: Art Teacher-Things I have learned: nonverbal communication skills, self awareness information, and technology skills Student Skills Inventory Learning Styles Self-Awareness Survey PGI Career Planning And Things I've Learned (Personal Globe Inventory) Strengths:- Note-keeping skills- keeping them in the correct order and up to date- Test-taking skills- studying and reviewing mistakesWeaknesses:- Checking answers- before I turn something in- Neat handwritingWays to Improve:-Using skills daily-Giving myself reminders Top Skills/Aptitudes:-Speaking in front of an audience-Working with numbers-Drawing and art skills ASC Matched Clusters:Arts, A/V tech., CommunicationEducation and TrainingGov. and public administration Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communication -Specific pathway: Visual arts ; involves creating art using different methods-Specific job: Art Teacher ; involves instructing others in art-High interest job option General Learning Style Learn byreading 53% Who I AmKennedy Harwood
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