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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Byzantine Empire A man named Byzas, founded the term byzantine from Byzantium.It was sited on the European side of the Bosporus.Half of the eastern Roman Empire showed less vulnerable to outside attack.In 527, Justinian took power.Latin was their language.Many great sculptures and arts were built after JustinianRewrote many peoples wills to give himself more power and money.Had a better civilization than feudal Europe.Debts gained through war had left the empire in awful financial straits.After the great Justinian passed away, the Byzantine Empire reigned supreme as the largest and most powerful state in Europe.During the late 10th and early 11th centuries, under the rule of the Macedonian rule founded by Michael IIIs replacement, Basil, the Byzantine Empire enjoyed a golden age. Justinian:Emperor of eastern in 527.Ruled with absolute powers of church and state.Byzantine grew large and rivaled western Roman Empire.Part of the code of laws:The laws unified the two empires.The code consisted of 5,000 roman laws.The digest quoted Romes greatest thinkers.The institutes provided instructions on how to use the laws.The Novellae were new set of laws.Justinians code regulated all areas of Byzantine life.New Rome:Beautiful Capital in Constantinople, built the Hagia Sophia, a church of holy wisdom that exists today.Free entertainment at the Hippodrome, a stadium, Constantinople became a metropolis.Promoting learning:Valued education and preserved the works of the greeks and romans, they educated their children by sending them to monastic and public schools. Children of weathy had private tutors. double click to change this header text! SOCIETY: ECONOMICS: POLITICS
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