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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buying a Car 2) Know what you can Afford:"Make sure you have a set price range before you go shopping. It will keepyou from driving and falling in lovewith cars you can't afford, and having a clear budget will save you time." 3) Know What Your Trade Is Worth: "If you're trading in your old car,make sure you check the valuebefore you negotiate by going and" double click to change this header text! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. 4) Check for Rebates or Special Financing Offers: "If you're buying a new car, look up the manufacturer website for rebatesand special financing. Remember: those are incentives offered by the car's manufacturer, not the dealer!" 5) Check Internet and Newspaper Deals: "Many dealerships advertise a car at a lower cost in the newspaper or on the internet. If you walk into the dealership without the ad in hand, they'll quote you a higher price. Keep your eye on your research and budget; don't let yourself be talked into something else once you shake the salesman's hand." 8) Check the Vehicle: "Check the vehicle's history; has a VIN checkcapacity that will tell you if a vehicle has been in anaccident or has othersuspect history." 10) Beware of "Extras": "You're ready to sign on the dotted line, and you find the finance manager talking you into alarm systems and extended warranties, priced at a thousanddollars or more. This is how dealersmake their money. Unless you buy a car with a bad history most extended warranties aren't a good deal for you. Think about it: the dealer wouldn't be making any money off these warranties unless therepairs cost them less in the end." 6) Don't Show Your Cards: "The first thing a dealer will do is ask you a lot of questions, trying to figure out what you're looking for. You should answer honestly - a sales person is there to help - but don't tip your hand too soon. If you know they have the car you want for a good price but you're willing to spend more, don't tell. Be vague if you have to, or give a price range. There's no need to talk numbers until you're ready to buy." Statistics:In 2008 37,000 people died and 2.35 million peoplewere injured in car crashes. Some of the most deadly car crashes are head-on collisions, rear-enders, and side-impacts.Other factors of someone getting in a car crash:~Alcohol(40% of car crashes involve alcohol)~Cell Phones(people aren't looking at the road, they are too busy looking at their phone)~Speeding(people are trying to get places too fast and end up hitting another car) 9) Be Ready to Walk Away: "If the dealer isn't meeting your needs, won't let your mechanic look at the car or the vehicle history is suspect, walk away. There are other cars and other dealers out there." 7) Use Ads to Negotiate: "Let's say you've found theperfect car, but you know a dealer across town is sellingthe same year, make and model for less. Bring the ad. Many salespeople will deal to keep your business." 1) Know What you Want:"Think about what you needin a car, what you do duringthe day. Do you need better gas mileage? Do you drive around a lot? Think of what functionyour new wheels will have."
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