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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Friends Buster Keaton Joseph Frank Buster Keaton Rahtz! This prohibtion has got me in a lather.The 18th amendment has put a ban on alchol.Now you have to go to a speakeasy for alchol.Some people have benifited (Al Capone) but I am against it. Jazz is the bees knees. I just watched Mr. Duke Ellington perform.My dogs hurt from tapping them all night!The standers for music have been changed.The Jazz Age is coming and I couldn't be more excited! I'm thinking of buying a Modle T.Now that the assembly line has made the cars cheaper they are a better alternative then a horse drawn carragie. They are faster and more reliable.I know many Americans are using them to get to work faster, and enjoy the freedom instead of folowing a train schedual. Facts About Me! 1. I'm an Actor- The General2. I was born - Oct. 4 18953. I have 2 kids-Bob and Buster Jr. The Harlem Renaissance is a great change for America!It opened our eyes up to the history of black americans.Zora N. Hurstons book Sweat was a big eye opener. Zora N. Hurston Duke Ellington I love listening to the radio. I get to hear how my favorite sports teams are doing!I just got one for a really cheap price thanks to the assembly line.Now that the assembly line is making more products faster and cheaper radios are everywhere. Playing board games with my kids is the bees knees! They are a lot of fun and I know my boys love playing marbles.You can play them with your friends and family!They are great stress relivers but also take up a lot of time. Model T. The Radio. The washing machine is a great time saver. It washes my clothes for me so I don't have to. Now that they are made with an assembly line they are cheaper,because they can make more of them in less time! I love reading the newspaper!I get to see the stats for my favorite sport teams!It keeps me up to date on events that are happening!It's nice because everyday there are new top stories about current events happening around the globe. Dance marathons look like so much fun!It's when people dance and compete to see who can dance the longest, the last dancer wins!They can last for hour or go on for days! Favorites Men's suits $50.00 clams Men's Fedoras $1 clams Black Bow Tie $3 clams "1920's Fashions and Accessories including Prices." Fashion Clothing and Accessories From The 1920s with Prices and Examples. Web. 22 Jan. 2015. <>. "Men's 1920s Clothing and Cost." Vintage Dancer. 24 July 2013. Web. 22 Jan. 2015. <>. "Mens Fashion of the 1920s." Mens Fashion of the 1920s. Web. 22 Jan. 2015. <>. By Rebecca Bronkhorst
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