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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buster Keaton Friends Buster Keaton Ads Sources News in 1920s Information Second Wife: Mae Scribbens First Wife Natalie Talmadge "Tragedy is a closeup;comedy,a long shot." "Tragedy is a close-up;comedy,a long shot." \ come get your flapper dress. At a price of only $8. want to be Miss America? Then come on out and buy your swimsuit. Limited time only. $5 Got a cut? Buy a band-aid! Only 5 cents Don't have time to go to a salon? Get your own hairdryer, at a low price of $11.50! Can't wait for this new movie, it's gonna be better than the last one. This time it'll actually have sound.Whoopee! Do you have 5 cents?Come on out to see my new movie "One Week!" So proud of how far I've come! (:This movie is making me Big Cheese WooHoo! These ladies arelooking keen! Loving the new fad. Short dresses are the best thing that has happened to our society. Dang! These girls are carrying torches for me, I know I'm a star but I didn't think that I was a huge star. Ah man! Now I don't have any booze to relieve my depression. This prohibition act is killing me. Being a star is so much fun, staying at ritzyhotels is the best part. Something has got to helpmy depression. Why not go to a joint? Who's with me? haha Working on my next movie already! That means less giggle water for me :(
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