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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Key Partners Customer Segments People first We connect novice to seasoned foreign freelance journalists alikewith reputable local fixers. Customer Relationships 1 fixer many journos Channels It pays to be a member! We need to shop for reliable computers and trusted name brand encrypted servers. Well want to createthe network database. Only the best KeyPhysical Resources 2015 Needs/Wants Our comprehensive networkof journalist and fixer profiles give registered members exclusive access to chat forums,interactive blogs,photo galleries and more. Revenue Stream Special bond Costs include performing background checks,developing our expansive network as well setting aside a reserve for legal fees. Money well spent. Value Proposition Key Activities Connecting with freelance journalists and fixer associations,j-schools and news agencies will be critical to our success. 2000 = 1,000 Cost Structure Our Business Model for Key activities includecommunicating with country ambassadors,freelancers, fixers and targeting j-schools and news agenciesseeking international content. FIXABLE We plan to hire 3 country ambassadors in Africa, 1 web developer in Torontoand consult with global fixers who want to work with us. A one-stop shop networking resource built on word-of-mouth recommendationsand five-star approvalrating referral system. Created by:Yusur Al-Bahrani Dilys ChanJanelle Jordan foreign freelancers &local fixers Expanding the network professional network exchange For freelance journalists reporting in a foreign counties and for fixers knowledgeable in their local and current affairs, our customer relationships are built on trust and community. Key Human Resources
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