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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CSA, Business Development Transportation.Farm costs.Online platform. Support a local farm and get direct access totop quality, organic, fresh food and farm activities and life. Sales Concept Market Opportunity Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threaths Business Model Move By BikePublic institutionMembersCSA NationalOnline Network(coming up in spring)CSA farm US: Farming.Distributing foodto Malmö.Distributing foodfrom Malmö to members.Communication.Inviting and welcomingnew members.Activities. Biodynamic farmingWinterfarming alsoSpace at the farmCSA core group Food/nature awarepeopleUrban familiesSlow movement peopleHealth-stores/costumersVegetariansBiodynamic/organic fansSustainable awareworkplacesPublic institutionsFood-fanaticsEnvironmental engaged TransparencyInvolvementDirect contactKnowledge HomepageFacebookMembersitePick up at farmUrbanstorageMoveByBikePick up locations Membership Best organic foodInsights to food productionAccess to farm(visits, events, activities)Supporting a local farmand a more sustainablefood system Biodynamic production and food (organic +)Already established farm and productionall year aroundA lot of sustainability aware people and initiativesin Malmö Similar alternatives that connects farm and eates,but on short term demand The farm is located one hour by car from Malmö,makes it more difficult for some to come by the farm. Space and openness at the farm for memberinitiatives and eventsMalmö stad is putting a lot of effort in becominga more sustainable city and regionBe the first CSA initiativesfor big-city citizens, in Sweden
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