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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6 Internal Benefits Of Business Blogging An unattended blog looks bad! Keep this immovable item on your marketing calender to ensure it is not overlooked by another piece of work 1. Better understanding of what you do 2. Stay current on industry news and topics Blogging regularly you will find yourself staying up to date on whats going on in your industry.Consider an RSS feed of all top online industry resources 3. Enhance skills and knowledge To keep up with most blogs many businesses require the help of many different employees.In turn they are developing their written communication skills that will be carried out in their work 4. Improve team morale Getting everyone to blog gets them together. A blog posted by one member is then shared by another, putting people in touch with each other and highlighting strengths internally and externally 5. Get everyone involved Give everyone the chance to blog, not just the senior employees. Fresh graduates can use the experience to create fresh ideas and a fresh perspective. This can also keep them interested and engaged Typical posts are between 300-500 words. By having to write out your thoughts you will have them clear in your mind 6. Stick to it! There are plenty of good reasons why any business should consider a blog, many of which are external, like getting more traffic to your website. But the most commonly overlooked are the internal ways in which a blog can boost your business. Check these 6 benefits business receive when they sit down and start writing!
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