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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Invasive Species: Burmese Python DOG The Burmese Python have been feeding on the nativespecies of Florida. They are eating everythingcause some species such as rabbits to not be seen as much.They are a threat to human safety and human's pets such as dogs and cats. They also make it harderfor natural predators to feedbecause they are now competing with them. Burmese Pythons are being controlled by laws making it illegal to own them. There are rewards forcaptured pythons. People are being trained to capture and release them to their original habitat. Once the Burmese Python is gone, the mammals willhopefully restore andnatural predators populationwill go back to normal. Human safety will be less of a concern. Less money will be spent trying to get rid of Burmese Pythons. It also won't be an issue in politics anymore. Python molurus bivittatus Currently the Burmese Python are in south Florida because they are usually found near or around water. They like warm temperatures,more rainfall, and can befound in forest or woodsyares. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Ecological Restoration Problems caused to the Environment. How to identify it Latin Name Preferred Habitat How to Control Them -Tan-dark blotches along back & sides (look like puzzle pieces & resemble marking of giraffe)-Pyramid shaped head with a dark, arrowhead-shaped wedge extending toward the nose Native to the grassy marshes and jungles of Southeast Asia
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