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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS Symptoms of Burkholderia cepacia are similar to any other lung disease or infection.SIGNS:fevercoughcongestionshortness of breathwheezing There is three different levels of difficulty that are known of if one has Burkholderia cepacia. Treatment for Burkholderia cepacia depends upon the level of difficulty. If found out that one is diagnosed with the colonizationof Burkholderia cepacia, then all patients must actively usebreathing treatments specific for their condition. PREVENTION SIGNS & SYMPTOMS TREATMENT BURKHOLDERIA CEPACIA Madeline Horton scientific classification KINGDOM: bacteriaPHYLUM: proteobacteriaCLASS: beta proteobacteriaORDER: burkholderialesFAMILY: burkholderiaceaeGENUS: burkholderiaSPECIES: burkholderia cepacia The smallest but present level is where Burkholderia cepacia will colonize in the lungs, but it does not have any symptoms or have any real effect on one person. The next level of Burkholderia cepacia is where it will colonize in the lungs causing the lungs to be damaged, infectious, and inflammed The last level is very fatal but not common. The Burkholderia cepacia spreads throughout the entire body which quickly leads to deterioration of all lung functions. If the colonization grows to become much larger and more severe and becomes infectious, then treatment needs to be more specific to the condition. Burkholderia cepacia is not immune to, but is resistant to most antibiotics. The most successful treatments have been a combination of antibiotics rather than a single type. The prevention for Burkholderia cepacia is much like precautions one wouldtake for most diseases or infections. Do not share food, drinks, mask, utensils, nebulizers, medicines, or equipment. Also always wash hands well throughout the day. REFERENCES: Burkholderia cepacia is a rare threat to the average person. It is a bacteria found in wet soil, or decaying plants. WHAT IS IT ? BURKHOLDERIA CEPACIA
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