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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1483 Born in 1483 into a middle-class German family, Martin Luther became bright, interested in faith, and motivated as a student. Later, in early adulthood, Luther became anxious thinking he was unworthy to God. After a day at law school, in 1505,Luther was caught in a storm when lightning struck the ground next to him. He prayed to St. Anne that if he survived, he would become a monk. He survived and became a monk two weeks later. Early Life 1505 The 95 Thesis Martin Luther - Early Life and Problems with Church Teachings In 1517, Martin Luther was sent to Rome to cleanse the corrupted Roman Church. But in little amounts of time it turned into something more serious. A man named Archbishop Albrecht from Mainz, Germany, wasselling indulgences to people granting them forgiveness and mercy from God. So Luther wrote the 95 Thesis which wentinto doubt the validity of indulgences. It was made to create a conservation about reform, but beneath it's complexity amessage was being sent; Christians don't need the Church but faith alone to reach salvation. 1517 Questioning the Church 1520 Martin Luther believed that by faith alone one is saved , and achieves salvation. The Church, on the other hand, taught that salvation was achievable through good acts. It's teachings made Luther argue that no matter how many good works peopledid in their lives, they aren't assured salvation. Only God's grace, by sincerely faith, and even compassion, can a person achieve salvation. 1519 Because of his teachings, Rome ordered Martin Luther to report to the Church officials to explain his beliefs.With the convincing of a friend, Luther didn't go, so Pope Leo X issued that Luther would be excommunicated for 60 days. In response, Martin Luther burned that document in the Wittenberg square (Germany), whichangered the pope even more. Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther for life. He had officially broken away fromthe Church. 1520
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