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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bunker-Hill and Fort Ticonderoga ADDING Bunker-Hill Fort Ticonderoga CONTENT When-May 10th 1775Place-Fort Ticonderoga and New YorkWhy-Key point from both and Canada and Hudson river valleyPeople that were impacted-Ethan Allen and Colonel Benedict ArnoldWhy America wanted it-Because of its locationHow did Both Arnold and Allen feel about working together-One disagreed with the otherDescribe the scene as Allen's men came upon the fort on May 10 morning-Surprise attack on the British soldiersHow did the British officer reacted when Allen demanded his surrender-Felt quick to answer since they were in the middle of nowhereHow would you reacted the same of differently-Its your opinion but we said the sameWhat were the benefits on this siege of the colonists-The benefits were they didn't need to be stranded in the middle of nowhere no more and didn't have to worry about fort TiconderogaSummary of event-On May 10,1775 American Soldiers decided to take over fort Ticonderoga. During the morning when the British soldiers where asleep, the Americans took over the fort because they needed itOutcome of Event-Ethan Allen demanded surrender to the British officer who just gave up the fort.Do you agree with the outcome of the event-Yes we do because the Americans wanted the fort and won the battleWhat are other possible outcomes for the event-Could of fought over the land instead of the fortHow is your event related to another event-Fort Ticonderoga was related to the battle of Monongahela Because both battles were over a fort and the British were also involved in bothWhat changes to your event that you recommend-I think they should had more soldiers to prevent the fort from going back and fourth between the 2 sidesWhat evidence justifies the British actions for your event-The British Surrender quickly because they didn't want to get shot at in the fortWhat evidence justifies the Americans actions for your event-The Americans really needed the fort for hiding ammo since it was in the middle of nowherePrimary Source for you event STARTHERE Difference full
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