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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BUNKER HILL AND FORT TICONDEROGA SUMMARY OF BUNKER HILL DEATHS: BRITISHDEATHS: AMERICANWOUNDED: BRITISHWOUNDED: AMERICANCAPTURED: AMERICAN DEATHS, WOUNDED, AND NUMBER CAPTURED FORT TICONDEROGA = 25 PEOPLE= 50 PEOPLE 1755-1757 New York It was owned by the French Surrender It was built there to protect the river portage May 10,1775Fort Ticonderoga by the American fleet. The British has surrender the Fort after general John Burgoyne surrender at Fort Saratoga The Fort was used to provide shelter The Americans Wanted a new base June 17, 1775In Charleston, MassachusettsThe hill is actually calledBreed's Hill, not Bunker Hill.American general:General William Howe This was an extension of the Lexignton and Concord battles. The British were being assaultedby the colonists, and they started to fortify the nearby hill called Breed's Hill. When they did this,the British decided that they had to act againstthem. The Americans took the high ground at the beginning of the battle, looking down on theBritish. They fought, and the battle lasted all day.The British captured the fort after they managedto capture some of the Americans. Bunker Hill Fort Ticonderoga SAME
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