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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bullyville double click to change this header text! The theme of this is that youshould not let bullying go unnoticed no matter what the circumstances are Theme Bart wanted to keep his momhappy and not worried by not telling her that he's being bullied but he has a mental breakdown and completely trashes his bully's really expensive car so he gets sent to do community service type work The setting is mainly in a private school in New Jersey that is dubbed Bullyville by all its inhabitants it's known for looking like a giant castle and being full of horrible bullies and the way that this supports the theme is because it's such a horrible place with horrible people it makes kids go insane from all the bullying showing you need to tell someone before it's too late Some of the Characters are Bart who is bullied beyond horribly and doesn't tell anyone and he freaks out and there is Tyro who bullies him because he is mad about his sister being in the hospital and there is his Mom who doesn't know that he's being bullied and is depressed because she doesn't want to tell anyone that she's really sad about her ex-husband died and that she could've died too and she doesn't seek help just showing that bad things can happening when you don't find help for your issues The plot goes through 5 major parts the first is when Bart gets sent to bullyville then there's the montage of bullying by Tyro and his friends then he gets pushed in a locker and given a death threat and then he wreaks the car and gets sent to the hospital for community service. This shows that you should tell someone if you're being bullied because if you don't then it can ruin your life without others knowing.
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