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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bullying Hurts: In More Ways Than One Kids who are bullied are more likely to: Kids who bully others are more likely to: Suffer from depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and low self- esteem. Have more health complaints. Have decreased academic achievement. Act violently in the future. Abuse alcohol and other drugs. Get into fights, vandalize property, and drop out of school. Engage in early sexual activity. Have criminal convictions and traffic citations. Be abusive towards others in the future. Have suicidal thoughts and feelings. Suffer from other mental illnesses. Tips to fight it: Recognize it- Name calling, obscene gesturing, malicious teasing, exclusionthreats, rumors, physical hitting,kicking, pushing and choking. Spot the bully- Bullies are more likely tohave social influence andbe overly concerned with popularity. They are alsomore like to have low self-esteem, be easily pressuredby others, be less able toidentify with the feelings ofothers, view violence in apositive way, and havedifficulty in following rules. Take action- Start early, teach peopleto be assertive yet kind,stop bullying when you seeit, listen and support thosewho speak up, and bringawareness to the problem. Suffer from psychological distress. Become antisocial. Have a harder time securing and maintaining employment. Be bullied in the future. Become antisocial.
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