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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brain Bullet in the Dead Meat Tone Shifts Capiche Bright Boy The theme of this story is to not over criticize. This is shown in the characterization of Anders. Everything has flaws that he can pick apart and find reasons to dislike things. He has a negative outlook on the world and this ultimately leads to his death. The memory of the baseball game he sees after the bullet is in his brain shows him that there was a time when he did not criticize imperfections and appreciated them. The improper english of "They is" still makes sense to people and is more interesting than "there is". Ander's last memory teaches him to be able to see the positive side of things for one last time. Theme Anders is a cynical book critic who sees only flaws in everything. He criticizes the robber's cliche orders and even dislikes the painting on the ceiling of the bank right before he gets shot. Then we learn from the author that he wasn't always this cynical. He used to love people, loved writing, he felt respect when he read a book written by his college friend and saw the good things in life. Now he regards everything with boredom and dread. The scene he sees as he dies shows him that there is still beauty in everything. Characterization Setting and Explicit Details The story is set in a bank in a large city. Anders is waiting in line making sarcastic remarks about the clerk when people in black ski masks break in to rob the bank. He laughs at their cliche orders until he getsshot. Then he flashes back to a baseball game from his childhood. The author uses well known cliches that a stereotypical bank robber would use. Anders then points them out and criticizes them, which antagonizes the robberinto shooting him when he laughs at "Capiche" The tone and writing style change drastically when Anders gets shot. The tone starts out cynical, sarcastic and humorous. It becomes tense when the robbersenter the bank and point a gun at Anders. The tone reaches a climax when he gets shot. The writing style becomes more dreamy aft- erwords, using more sensory details to describe his life story. Infographic by Jack Plantz A Short Story by Tobias Wolff Synaptic Lightning Towering Hatred Unforgivable Ammoniac Sluggish, Glacial Pace Cerebral Cortex Neurotransmissions Heat Torpor
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