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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Transportation Budgeting Assignment Food Clothing Budgeting for food is one of the harder parts of making a financial plan. My budget is a lowcost budget since I am not experience with buying food. I have looked online at various sources and have found that $200 will cover a light, and cheap meal plan. Cellphone and internet It is not a necessity for me to have a car at thispoint. It is cheaper for me to take city transit instead. A bus pass will last me the whole monthwithout having to worry about how far I travel and how much gas I use. While this is not necessary to have, I would prefer to be able to have it in my budget. A cheap plan would cost around $60 per month. Thisplan would not involve many perks, but I believe it is important to have a phone in case of emergency. $48.00 - Bus pass $200 Clothing is one of the least important things in my budget. This would be only to replace any clothing that was not useful to me any longer, or to buy a clothing article for an event. $60 Personal items need to be put into the budget. The budget for these items doesnot have to be very large, since it does not cover many things. Personal Items $30 $50 Emergency/Leftover This is the money that is leftover from my plan. This will be used in places that I may have budgeted wrong, or did not budget for. Entertainment Entertainment will account for any spending I do such as eating out, or going to the movies. $60 $52
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