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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 reach Budget Plan 3 2 1 Total cost: $2,000,000 Dollars Money left over: $0.00 Dollars Purchase livestock $650,000 Dollars spent on cattle With the remaining money we willinvest the funds to a river diversion project We will attempt to take donations for extra funds to invest because it will cost a greater amount than (the money we invest), but itis a start to providing clean water throughoutAfrica. Not only are we creating a viable food source and clean water for crops, but we will contribute to cleanwater sources to give drinking water. We will buy livestock from certain villages in Africa and donate the cattle and goats and other animals to lesser villages. 2 Purchase crops and farming supplies 1 Buying the livestock directly from Africa will not only feed smaller villages, it will also create bennifets for the economy throughout Africa. $350,000 Dollars spenton seeds and $500,000farming supplies We will purchase enough seeds for the areas in major famine along with supplies for planting and harvesting the crops. 3 $500,000 Dollars to invest in clean water visit to learn more about our organization Educating villagers on how to farm will cost nothing, because we will have volunteers for our organization whoare willing to work without pay. We will use the same processto help the economy in Africa as well as feed people. Investing the remaining funds will help clean water travel to many villages through smaller streams and riversand provide clean water throughout Africa,which is a remaining issue in the continent. What we will buy Cost of the items reach
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