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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BUDDHISM one of the most ancient religion on Earth Origin: India, over 2500 years ago when Buddha Shakyamuni was enlighted under the Bodhi tree. The Three Jewels (basis of Buddhism) - Buddha: the enlighted- dhama: principles, teachings of Buddha, laws of nature, reality-sangha: the comunity of monks and nuns 8 Sufferings - birth- old age- illness- death- not being able to hold on- getting what you don't want- not getting what you want- all-pervasive sufferings Cause of suffering (3 poisons) - attachment / greed- aversion / hatred- ignorance / delusion Cessation (nirvana, the ultimate goal, perfect peace of mind, cessation of suffering, liberation from reincarnation, full enlightment) 3 Marks of Existence - impermanence- suffering- illusion to self 5 Aggregates (components of sense of self - form- perception- feeling- formation-consciousnes s 5 Percepts - no killing- no stealing- no sexual misconduct- no bad speech- no intoxicant 4 Sublime Attitudes - loving kindness- compassion- empathetic joy- equanimity - no lies- no abusive speech- no divisive speech- no slander- no idle talk Path (self development for cure, a.k.a Eightfold path) 1. Virtue: - right speech - right acts - right livelihood2. Mind: - right endeavor - right mind-development - right concentration3. Wisdom: - right views - right intention The Four Noble Truth
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