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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 E-PAPERCHARGE LEVEL [100%] Buckminsterfullerene 1981 WAR 1949 - "cybernetics"are now seen insci-fi works. Astrophysicistsat the time haddetected unidentifiedspectrums of molecules in space 2001 - The Blade RunnerSeries exposes the newlyborn Cyberpunk genre tothe masses. 1928 - The earliest useof the word "punk" todescribe a criminal. RESEARCH BIG QUESTIONS ? FEAR OF THE FUTURE THERUSSIAN PERESTROIKA ANSWERS APPEARING After many attempts the team formulated a shape for C60 and named itBuckminsterfullereneafter Buckminster Fuller who invented the geodesic dome THEORETICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PROOF 1967 - "The Death of Grass", a powerful strain of virus decimatesthe world's crop of grains and cereal plants, leading to mass starvation. SURVIVALISM WHY C60? Collaboration between English and American teams to vaporise graphite and analyseproduced further evidence of C60 1955 - "GOJIRA" or "Godzilla", a film about a nuclear-radiatedgiant lizard that attacks Japan. 1969 - "The Day the Earth Caughton Fire", a film where earth is thrown out of orbit due to excessive nuclear testing. 1979 - "Mad Max", a film wherethe world runs out of oil, leadingto total chaos and civil unrest. 1947 PRESENT DAY 1980 - TODAY EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE NEW DISCOVERIES THE RISE OF THE COMPUTER THE COLD CARBON CHEMISTRY REBORN A NEW HOPE FEAR OF THE CORPORATION PERIOD OFFURTHERADVANCES TIMELINE In 1981, Bruce Bethkerreleaseshis short story "Cyberpunk", which is thefirst time anybody usesthe term. TODAY. William Gibson releaseshis SPRAWL seriesin 1981, which becomes the first official cyberpunkbook series. PREMATURE THEORIES WE AREFINDINGNEW WAYSOF USINGBUCKY BALLS ALIENSBECOMEPOPULARTOPICS POST-MODERNIST DYSTOPIA HIGH-TECH, LOW LIFE CYBERNETICS REBELLION 3rd Carbon Allotrope INFOGRAPHICHANDOUTSHEETMr. CostanzoENG4U-5 60 Atoms 60 ATOMS Discovered:1985 byHarold Kroto Harold Krato and DavidWalton at Sussex University studiedvaporised graphite (1970s) C60 was found to be very common in the graphite vapour analysed in Sussex C60 It turns out that the mysterious spectrum seen earlier are emitted by the 'Bucky Balls"as they became known to the public. CarbonAllotrope C60 C60 Shape: Football C60 Diameter: 1 nm LOW MELTING POINT: weak attractions between each molecule ELECTRICAL INSULATORS: electrons cannot move from one molecule to another except in nanotubes which are conductors BRITTLE: When enough force is applied whole structure will break INSOLUBLE IN WATER SOFT AND SLIPPERY Appearance: Dark Crystals After studying properties of the Bucky Ballsit was confirmed that these were a major allotrope of Carbon andthe only one to be spherical PUBLIC INTREST I present to you the amazing ... This newdiscoveryre-ignitedCarbonChemestry BY ATHARV SONWANE. Bucky Balls are being used to ... make super-conductive nanotubes deliver drugs into the body ... development of stronger armour
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