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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Minh Le Account Executive at DVL Seigenthaler Manage and execute communication campaigns for organizational goals 2015 Major in Marketing and minored in Business Administration Marketing shows the strategies that businesses set forth and how they achieve goals Business Motivates Everything 2007 MTSU All four years I worked in the Communications department I brainstormed ways to help and developed posters for the department MTSU 2011 Grad School Education Role -manage and set strategy -work with team members report to account supervisor and the client " I always have a to do list to show what is on deck for the day I also have constant communication with clients and team members" "Public Relations is the internal or external communication that positions an organization in a certain way" Advice Get your feet wetGet as much experience as you can and Identify your strengths and weaknesses "I did not even know what public relations was at the time. I did not understand how it touched every aspect of business." PRSA 2013 2013- Co Chair of Young Professional Committee Networking benefits to PRSA resourcesliaison between graduation and professional career Career "I get the chance to work in different industries. My favorite project allowed me to do market research for telecommunications. We tested phones for deaf people and learned about their views and culture." "I dislike entering billing hours and working with tight budgets"
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