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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prisoners and People at Risk! By: Brooklynn Sturwold Prisoners and people at risk are those whose human rights have been violated or are under threat of violence. One Student Released, other still Detained(indonesia)-Both arrested on August 8th for painting pro-independance graffiti. -They were both tortured by the police during arrest. -The police hit them with their rifles,kicked them, and made them eat paint. Journalists in Iran-Constantly under threat of being arrested and detained for long periods of time in inhumane conditions.-Jason Rezaian has been named the longest-held foreign journalists in Iran.-He has been detained since July and his detention has extended for 2 more months.- his family has not been informed on his changes.-the prosecutors have not allowed his lawyer to defend him,speak to him, or even review his case. Evaporating Hope for My Missing Daughter-An uprising started in Syria and the daughter never went out into public. - Daughter decided to move to Eastern Ghouta where she would be safe.- she soon ran out of food and her husband was getting sick.-One day the mother heard on the news that her daughter and the husband have been kidnapped.-Syrian Army did nothing. Left Out in the Cold: Syrian Refugees Abandoned-World leaders are failing to offer protections to Syria's most vulnerable refugees.-About 3.8 million refugees from are being hosted in five main countries within the region: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt-Some of the wealthiest countries have failed to offer protection including China and Russia.- As of August 2014 only 7,000 refugees have left for new homes in their in their destination countries.
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