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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brook Farm DOG The transcendentalists connected the individualto nature to the divine power. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Nerds and Geeks typically getplaced as the same types of people. However there are many differences between the two. Other Notable Figures George Ripley Charles Fournier Transcendentalists Ripley founded Brook Farm in Greenfield, Massachusetts.Ripley was heavily influenced by Fournier's ideas. Fournier was a French socialistduring the early 1800s. He supportedcreating a community where philosophers and workers could achieve mental freedomwhile aiding a cooperative group. Ralph Waldo EmersonHorace GreeleyNathaniel HawthorneMargaret FullerCharles A. DanaHenry David Thoreau The goal of the transcendentalists was to obtain a pure, independent, and self-reliant mind. However,Emerson argued this was truly impossible to complete due to outside forces Goal of the Group Goal of the Society The goal of Brook Farm was to obtain mental andintellectual freedom without labor. Acheivement Neither of these goals wereachieved because the farmfailed economically due tolack of labor. Also, as Emerson claimed, a true transcendentalmind was unable to be attained. Methods Transcendentalists who came tothe farm invested in the BrookFarm Joint Stock Company. Additionally, the investors were required to work 300 days a yearin exchange for free room and board. Originally, workers were allowed to work on their preferenceof job, but many refused to workedwhich then led Ripley to require certain work to be done to maintaineconomic stability which did not last. Impact Transcendentalists advocated passive resistance against government by trying to limit contact with such forces. The CivilRights Movement during the 1960'stook roots from transcendentalism and Thoreau's"Civil Disobedience"to passively resist the government.
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